1.  What’s the difference between Enameled Cast Iron and Stoneware?

2.  There are health issues associated with cooking with Teflon-coated cookware, is Enameled Cast Iron safe and better alternative?

3.  How do I use enameled cast iron pots?

4.  I wanted to buy a Le Creuset French Oven. I read about its high-quality and durability. How does it compare with other brands?

First of all, we commend your choice of cookware. You must know your cooking stuff quite well. Le Creuset French Ovens (Enameled Cast Iron) is being manufactured for almost a century and is known for its unsurpassed performance.

We’ve collected some reviews and comparative tests done by reliable sources between different best-selling Enameled Cast Iron brands. We hope this will help you with your decision:

- “LA Times did a comparison of LC (Le Creuset) and Staub for braising in November 2005. The following is from an old Chowhound post:

"The comparison was in the Los Angeles Times on November 9. Unfortunately, it's now in the archives, where you have to pay to see it. Basically, they said the Le Creuset came out best. The highly touted "nibs" on the bottom of the Staub lid were said to be ineffective.”

-  “Yes, Le Creuset is pricey, but think in terms of cost per year. I inherited a much-used LC fry pan that finally gave out at the age of perhaps 35 years when the handle broke off. I was amazed that the interior enamel was still in fine shape.  Don't know if you read it, but Marian Burros in the NY Times wrote that she recently tossed her non-stick pans over health concerns and tested several other types to see which worked best with just a light coat of cooking oil. She decided Le Creuset was best.” Chowhound.com

-  “Cook's illustrated magazine actually did a product test for braising/Dutch ovens comparing LC (Le Creuset), the Target model, the Batali and a few others. The LC (Le Creuset) was graded the best with obvious price reservations.”

-  “Le Creuset warranty is an incredible deal, and almost justifies the cost of buying new. They are great pots, and should last a lifetime without ever being replaced. With the great warranty coverage, rest assured you are buying an heirloom, something your children and perhaps their children will be able to use. And with Le Creuset's history as a company, you can be fairly sure they will still be around to address warranty issues with your grandchildren.”  Chow.com

-  “I never hear anyone complain about Le Crueset except for price. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.”  - Chow.com

-  “Cookware.com  Cookware consumer guide awarded Le Creuset --‘The Best Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven; The Best Enamel Cast Iron Skillet; The Best Enamel Cast Iron Cookware Set’ – Le Creuset, Best Overall”


5.  What are Fillers?

6.  How do I place an order?

7.  How do you accept payments?

8.  Can I pay upon delivery?

9.  Can I pay online? 

10.  Do you deliver or ship orders anywhere in the Philippines, and is there a fee for it?

11.  I am ordering a product and would give it as a gift. Can I have the product delivered to the recipient?

12.  You have a great collection. Where do you get your products?

13.  It’s my first-time using the product I ordered, how do I care for it?

14.  I am looking for a certain specialty kitchen tool, I’ve looked around and I can’t find one. Can you help me?

15.  Can we order in bulk quantities?

16.  Do you also have food products?

17.  Is tbsp only an online store? Do you have a physical store location?

18.  Are the products of high-quality?

19.  Are the products built to last?

20.  What if the product has damage?

21.  We are excited about the cooking class! My friends and I are talking about it. When are you going to have it?