1.  What’s the difference between Enameled Cast Iron and Stoneware?

2.  There are health issues associated with cooking with Teflon-coated cookware, is Enameled Cast Iron safe and better alternative?

3.  How do I use enameled cast iron pots?

Enameled cast iron cookware lasts for generations with proper care. It is different from cast iron cookware because of the enameled surface that is placed over the iron, making it rustproof and easier to clean.

Here are some tips for using this cookware:

1. Understand how enameled cookware works. It heats slowly and cools slowly. The big advantage is that it holds an even heat during cooking and requires little stirring.

2. Use enameled cookware on any kind of stovetop. You also can use it in the oven.

3. Preheat the cookware on a low heat for stovetop use. This allows the cooking surface of the pot or pan to increase to cooking temperature. Then raise the heat to the desired level.

3. Keep the cookware clean, and it can last for generations. Use detergent and a sponge. Use a plastic scrubber for the tough stuff. Dry thoroughly.

4. Cool the enameled cookware and let it return to room temperature before cleaning.

5. Protect the enameled surface by avoiding breaks and scratches. Use silicone, wooden or plastic utensils.

6. Use enameled cookware for recipes that require slow cooking and constant temperature.

7. Always follow manufacturer's instructions, especially if your enameled cookware comes with a warranty.

8. Start with a Dutch oven and skillet in your collection, and then add other pieces.

9. Don't use metal scouring pads on enameled cookware.

10. Don't bang utensils on the cookware. – ehow.com/how use-enameled-castiron-pots


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