Contains Recipes of World Famous Sandwiches

Beautifully printed in full-color on white 80# paper stock

23" high x 35" wide

Design Hun’E.Kut




About the Product

Get your kitchen cookin' with the PERIODIC TABLE Of SANDWICHRY Poster (measures 23" high x 35" wide). It's beautifully printed in full-color on white 80# paper stock and is is ready to enhance any environment. Poster displays: SANDWICH Number (for quick reference), SANDWICH Ingredients (in precise measures), SANDWICH Assembly Instructions (in detail), SANDWICH Structure (actual photo), SANDWICH Symbol (quick reference), SANDWICH Name, Abbreviations Chart, etc. A total of 58 different recipes - color grouped in HAM, TURKEY, CHICKEN, ROAST BEEF, SALAD, and CLASSIC SANDWICH catagories.

Design Hun’E.Kut

Horizontal poster, Glossy

Constructed & Stylized by Krist ‘Bitz’ Weaver