"Imperia Pasta Machine - Your Shortcut to Becoming an Overnight Italian Chef Sensation with Friends and Family Beating a Path to Your Kitchen!"


Dimensions: 160mm x 185mm x 205mm.

Net weight 3.450Kg

Instruction manual and basic recipe included 

Attachment included: Imperia Standard Double Cutter for making Spaghetti and Fettuccine

Made in Italy



About the Product


The Imperia SP150 pasta machine is not just a thing of great beauty it's an object of supreme practicality - from its solid steel and wooden cranking handle right through to its sturdy, steadfast table clamp. This is Italian high-end manufacturing and craftsmanship at its absolute finest.

Plus - every Imperia machine comes complete with your own pasta recipe book which you'll be able to use to stun and amaze your dining guests with wonderful culinary experiences that will live long in the memory. Mamma Mia! You'll love it!

What makes this pasta maker the leading one in the market is its classic, simple design, its usability and friendliness and the fact that so many people have discovered that it's just so easy to make excellent pasta with it. You really cannot go wrong with this baby - just open the box, get the clamp set up, whack in the pasta and you're good to go. This is exactly what makes the Imperia pasta machine such a great buy - whether you're getting the machine for your own selfish pasta needs or someone else's!

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and The Imperia Pasta Machine. All built with precision Italian engineering and a focus on speed of operation. The other really cool thing about this pasta machine is that it's very fast to clean as well. No long soaks or scrubbing, just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and your machine is good to go again. It's a great addition to anyone's kitchen.


Dimensions: 160mm x 185mm x 205mm.

Net weight 3.450Kg.

5-5/8" cutting width, 5-1/2" wide rollers
Removable double cutter head for spaghetti (2 mm-1/16") and fettuccine (6.5 mm-1/4")
Locking dough roller adjustment dial with 6 thickness settings
Beech wood grip handle
Table clamp
Chrome plated steel body, rollers and cutters, with carbon steel gearing,
1 year limited warranty for home use
Instruction manual and basic recipe included. 

Manufactured since 1935
Made in Italy


How to prepare the Imperia for first use.

1) Fasten the machine to a table or counter, using the special clamp provided. It fits in the square hole on the same side where you insert the handle. Be sure to tighten the clamp before starting.
2) To clean the machine of packing oils, put a small ball of dough between the rollers and roll it through; make a ball and run it through again several times.
3) Do the same with the ball of dough and the cutting rollers.
4) Dispose of the dough.

Using the Imperia.

1) Turn the adjustment knob until the flat rollers are at their widest opening.
2) Start passing part of the dough through the rollers, turning the handle.
3) Before passing the pasta through the rollers another time, fold the sheet in two and sprinkle lightly with flour.
4) Pass the pasta through the widest opening 6 to 8 times, folding it in two each time. The dough should be fairly soft. If it is too sticky, sprinkle lightly with flour.
5) Reduce the spacing between the rollers by one notch. Pass the sheet of dough through the rollers once.
6) Continue reducing the space between the rollers by one notch at a time, each time passing the lengthening sheet of dough through the rollers once. Stop once the desired thickness has been obtained.
7) When the sheet of dough gets too long, divide it lengthwise in half, to make it easier to handle.
8) Leave the sheet to rest for about 10 minutes, so that it will dry slightly and be hard enough for cutting, without sticking to the cutting rollers.
9) Attach the cutter accessory to the body. Supports are provided on both sides of the machine.
10) Insert the handle in the slot of the chosen cutter.
11) Lightly sprinkle flour on the sheet, to prevent it from sticking to the cutter. Then start passing it through, turning the handle with one hand, while holding the sheet with the other.
12) Place the cut pasta on a large surface, or on a drying rack, so that it dries before cooking.


Clean excess flour left on the Imperia and its attachments, using a soft brush.
A dry cloth may be used to wipe the body.
NEVER wash your Imperia and accessories. Some of the precision components are made of steel and may rust if they come in contact with water.
Occasionally place a drop or two of mineral oil where the ends of the rollers meet the machine body, to keep them rolling smoothly.
Store in the original box, in a dry location. Use it often.