Who we are

We have a passion for great food.

TBSP is a Chef-owned retailer founded in 2013 that offers a variety of kitchen products from some of the highest quality brands around the globe: Le Creuset®, All-Clad®, KitchenAid®, Zeroll®, Calphalon®, Cuisinart®, Imperia®, Ohaus® and more.


What we do

We inspire cooks to inspire their guests with great food.

We listen, we watch, we learn

At TBSP, we provide you, our valued customer, with quality kitchen solutions that will help you get what you want out of your cooking experience. We offer our products at best prices with superior customer experience. We source products from around the world to make it easy for you to find and discover cookware, tools, gadgets and accessories to outfit your kitchen.

We make cooking exciting and fun as we meet your kitchen needs and desires.


Why we do it

Because we believe great food creates great memories and great memories inspire us to cook!

We at TBSP, understand your joys and challenges because we are consumers too. Your insights and experiences inspire us to continuously improve and seek solutions to your changing needs. Because we believe you deserve the best.

We’d like to inspire creativity in all aspects of food preparation – from planning, to prepping, to cooking and serving. It thrills us when we find new products that we know will bring delight to you.

And we look forward to meet fellow food enthusiasts, Chefs, home cooks and connoisseurs to share stories, ideas and our passion for everything that best serve the palate!


Click on to contact The TBSP team and get a little advice to help you get the best tools for the job. If you are on a budget, a little guidance will have you buying the most needed tools first, methodically setting up your well-appointed kitchen over time.



Lisette Fabic is a Chef, Biochemist, runway model and entrepreneur.

She's trained in sales, marketing and new business development.

She graduated with honors at the French Culinary Institute New York and worked for some of the best restaurants in New York City – Aldea, Aquavit, db Bistro Moderne and Daniel.

Although modeling is not her full time career, she has graced the runways of Manila and New York and worked for well-known designers and international brands.

When she is not busy cooking, she tries out different restaurants, spends time with family and indulges in her other interests like photography, travel, art, culture, web design and research.

She hopes to open her own restaurant soon where she dreams to convey the power and essence of cooking that evokes memory and emotions using her leanings in biochemistry and her experiences being raised in a country with diverse cultural settings.

Our products at TBSP are carefully selected, premium, high-quality pieces that either:
I use or I have myself and I swear by,
I need or want to have at home - in my kitchen,
are used in the industry or professional kitchens around the world, including the professional kitchens I worked with in New York City,
and or I experienced firsthand and have tested the quality and performance and would like to share with you.
— Lisette Fabic